Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The aim of this project is to figure out a way to recognize characters and shapes in targets used in the 2010 AUVSI Student UAS competition.  The targets consist of a solid colored alphanumeric character painted on a differently colored, solid background that is a "simple geometric" shape.  Based upon past experience we take this to mean shapes in the realm of rectangles, triangles, crosses, stars, circles, and semi-circles.

More information on the target specifics can be found on page 5 of the rules for the competition.

Our first goal is to create replica targets and acquire imagery of them from our plane.  We do have some prior footage to use but it will likely not be very useful since the imagery system we are using this year is more sophisticated.  We will try to create enough targets to capture each possible character we could encounter, as well as cover the basic shapes we expect to see.

Images will be acquired by capturing frames from a Sony FCBH11 camera, which we are currently using in standard definition mode.

We expect to have this footage within one to one and a half weeks.

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